Tuesday, 18th February 2014

Junior Hockey Road Trip

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The visitor’s bench at The Stable The visitor’s bench at The Stable

Written by Mike Curti

If you want a full hockey experience beyond pros, college and high school, you need to check out the “atmosphere” at a Tier 1 junior hockey venue. They put on a pretty good show. The games aren’t bad either. Actually they are really good (the majority of players are committed to play for Division 1 colleges).

Check out this YouTube Video of the Cedar Rapids/Dubuque shootout highlights from this past Saturday. It went 9 rounds, cowbells and all.

My son, Charlie, plays for the Roughriders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. While down in CR watching a game, I started thinking that it would be fun to play some hockey at The Stable (the Roughriders’ home rink). After downing one beer from my Rider Cup, I thought, “Why not run a beginner ‘TRY the game OUT’ clinic for CR area ladies?”

When polishing off my second Rider Cup beer, I said to myself, “Self, why not invite other ladies (and significant others) for a roadtrip to play and help coach some hockey in CR?” Following my third beer, while in the drunk tank, I ruminated...at 32 ounces in a Rider Cup, that’s a lot of beer in a half hour.

thumb-2014-02-18Besides the junior hockey game(s), I am also going to organize a "TRY the game OUT" event for Cedar Rapids area ladies. I would love help teaching these "newbies" the game of hockey. If you'd like to help coach, come on down. If you'd like to participate in the clinic, come on down.

Also, I have reserved 90 minutes of ice to play a pick up game of hockey at the Stable, the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders home rink. You, and your significant other, are invited to come play with us.

E-mail me if you have questions.

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