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Chicks with Sticks Hockey Minnesota


Have you ever participated in a CWS clinic, league or event? If so, please take a moment to share your thoughts. We'd love to hear from you!

I don't know what I would do without my Monday morning hockey. I started about 5 years ago after my son started playing, and I absolutely love it! It's the best exercise you can get, and it's way more fun than going to the gym! I wasn't very good when I started out, and the women in CWS couldn't have been more patient and supportive. Now it's the best way to work on my game, along with Mike's clinics. But my favorite thing about playing hockey? It's that during that hour or 90 minutes, you can only think about the game, so no matter what is stressing you out in life, you can forget it and just play.
Posted On: 17 January 2016
Posted By: Beth Psihos
I love starting out my week playing hockey. You look forward to the camaraderie in the locker room and then the bonding on the ice. All the stress goes out the window the minute you enter the rink. Then you skate for an hour...get off the ice and didn't even realize the great work out you just had. I think this is my 11th year with Mike and all his clinics and scheduling of women's hockey. I still learn every day a new technique that I need to work on. I watched my boys over the years play hockey and now mom has just as much fun.

I wouldn't being doing this if it wasn't for Mike....thanks Mike!
Posted On: 17 January 2016
Posted By: Sue Akins
Sometimes Mondays can be tough for anyone, but I look forward to my Monday mornings!


Thanks to Mike Curti and the Chicks with stick's league Monday crew, it's a perfect way to start my week.

Beginning with the peaceful alone drive to Breamar, to all the Hello's coming in the door, not to mention all the locker room shenanigans..

We women come from all over the city, at many ages, and from all walks of life to spend an hour on the ice playing hockey.

Mike and the CWSL is a testimony of true tenacity, athletic ability and desire for fellowship. We all Love and respect each other as women, team mates and friends!

I cannot imagine my life with out Mike, the CWSL and all of my Hockey Homies!

Thank you Mike Curti for all that you do for Women and hockey!
Posted On: 16 January 2016
Posted By: Denise Saatzer
Mother of 4 Daughters, Hairstylist, Hockey player
Monday mornings are the perfect time to get the blood flowing and that sense of competition (or not) up in a very relaxed setting. The women are all out there just to get some great exercise, work on some hockey skills and just have fun with other women who enjoy the sport. No pressure or worries. Just do your thing! The clinics are a great way to improve your knowledge, skill and learn the strategy of the game in a relaxed setting. It's fun to understand the game from a player's perspective so you can enjoy your kids', college or professional games.
Posted On: 16 January 2016
Posted By: Kym Swanson
I have been playing hockey for as long as Mike has done his clinics - 13-14 years. I love the fun and the exercise. I have 3 boys that played hockey - 2 of which played through high school.
I grew up in Saudi Arabia, didn't have hockey let alone ice skating...watched my son play for several years here in Minnesota before I finally decided to try a clinic with some friends 4yrs ago. I was hooked from day #1 and consider it the best decision I ever made!! I am doing things on skates now that I never thought possible in the beginning. What a great community, filled with wonderful people who share the same passion to learn and better themselves through the best sport on earth!! I live and breathe for the next opportunity to play. Now I can jump in on some outdoor pond hockey with high school kids in the winter and have the time of my life!
Posted On: 26 February 2015
Posted By: Erin Lanigan
Program Counselor for Meridian Services
Such an amazing place to learn to love this sport! I started with the beginner clinic at age 19 and loved it! Have played 2 years on CWS teams since. Great way to meet great women, learn a new game, and work off the frustrations of daily life. Love being able to say I play Minnesota's best sport!
Posted On: 30 June 2014
Posted By: Maria
Nursing Student
I put on a pair of skates for the first time 3 years ago and ventured out to a beginner's clinic. It was such a blast! I couldn't wait to come back and I've been hooked ever since. I had never played any sports before, but now thanks to “Chicks with Sticks” I can proudly say I play ice hockey!
Posted On: 27 June 2014
Posted By: Jeannette
Graphic Designer
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In Their Own Words

It’s so much fun. This is my 1st time playing hockey. I’m 43. Anyone can do this.
- Julie M