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Chicks with Sticks Hockey Minnesota


Monday, 26th September 2016

CWS Hockey SPA a success

The Chicks with Sticks Annual Hockey SPA weekend camp was a huge success this year. Thank you to everyone who came out to participate. All the ladies had a great time on and off the ice. A special thank you goes out to Mike Curti for organizing this event, and to his son Ben Curti for helping coach. Wonderful job, ladies!

Monday, 28th March 2016

CWS featured on Fox Sports Network

CWS featured on TV!!! Fox Sports North stopped by the Braemar Arena twice to film a CWS clinic and the Monday morning League. The story was aired on March 15th after the Wild game and the Postgame report. Watch the video below.

WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE: ""State of Hockey presented by Total Hockey" Episode 9 - Chicks with Sticks".


A group of hockey moms take to the ice thanks to the Chicks with Sticks hockey programs. A group of ladies participating in various CWS programs were featured in the February issue of Woodbury Magazine. The article was written by Eric D. Johnson.

Excerpt from the article:

"...The 12-year-old boy was digging through his hockey bag for shin guards. Coming up empty, he gave his mom a call:

Boy: “Mom, I can’t find my shin guards.”

Mom: “Did you leave them at home?”

Boy: “No, they were in my bag.”

Mom: “Oh, shoot, sorry, I used them and must have forgotten to put them back.”

Sound familiar? Probably not, unless you’re Stefanie Olson or one of the other hockey moms taking part in the Chicks with Sticks hockey program. Founded by hockey lifer Mike Curti, Chicks with Sticks offers women, some of whom have never skated before, the chance to learn basic hockey skills..."

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE: "Woodbury Moms Learn How to Play Hockey".

From a local spotlight to national recognition - we are getting famous! Shortly after the Pioneer Press article came out, we got featured in the LA Times. John M. Glionna of the Los Angeles Times paid a visit to one of our CWS Novice/Advanced Hockey Leagues, held at Braemar Ice Arena (Edina) on Monday mornings. This wonderful article speaks for itself.

Excerpt from the article:

"...From the bench, players stormed the ice in waves, some opening the small wooden door to the rink and others climbing the rail like the men do, blond pigtails poking out from under their helmets. Plays developed almost in slow motion. There were whiffs. A few fell without prompting, but spirits stayed high.

Suddenly, Curti blew his whistle for a tripping penalty as a player sprawled to the ice. Then something happened that makes the women's sport unique..."

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE: "Women take the ice in a hockey league of their own".

Bob Shaw, a writer for Pioneer Press, recently visited one of our beginner clinics in Woodbury, MN. After conducting interviews with coach Mike Curti and several of the ladies, he wrote a wonderful article, capturing the essence of what Chicks with Sticks is all about. If any of you ladies out there are having second thoughts about trying hockey, read this great article. You might  just change your mind!

Excerpt from the article:

"You recall the speed, the power and the soul-stirring gracefulness of the Olympic hockey games in Sochi? This isn't it.

"Ooof!" grunts Betty Witte, 43, of Woodbury, who is playing goalie and falls to the ice without anyone touching her. Nearby, a skater stands forlornly over her hockey stick -- she can't bend down in her hockey pads to pick it up..."

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE: "Women's beginner hockey: Fitness, friendship and falling".

Tuesday, 18th February 2014

Junior Hockey Road Trip

Written by Mike Curti

If you want a full hockey experience beyond pros, college and high school, you need to check out the “atmosphere” at a Tier 1 junior hockey venue. They put on a pretty good show. The games aren’t bad either. Actually they are really good (the majority of players are committed to play for Division 1 colleges).

Check out this YouTube Video of the Cedar Rapids/Dubuque shootout highlights from this past Saturday. It went 9 rounds, cowbells and all.

My son, Charlie, plays for the Roughriders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. While down in CR watching a game, I started thinking that it would be fun to play some hockey at The Stable (the Roughriders’ home rink). After downing one beer from my Rider Cup, I thought, “Why not run a beginner ‘TRY the game OUT’ clinic for CR area ladies?”

When polishing off my second Rider Cup beer, I said to myself, “Self, why not invite other ladies (and significant others) for a roadtrip to play and help coach some hockey in CR?” Following my third beer, while in the drunk tank, I 32 ounces in a Rider Cup, that’s a lot of beer in a half hour.

thumb-2014-02-18Besides the junior hockey game(s), I am also going to organize a "TRY the game OUT" event for Cedar Rapids area ladies. I would love help teaching these "newbies" the game of hockey. If you'd like to help coach, come on down. If you'd like to participate in the clinic, come on down.

Also, I have reserved 90 minutes of ice to play a pick up game of hockey at the Stable, the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders home rink. You, and your significant other, are invited to come play with us.

E-mail me if you have questions.

In Their Own Words

Such an amazing place to learn to love this sport! I started with the beginner clinic at age 19 and loved it! Have played 2 years on CWS teams since. Great way to meet great women, learn a new game, and work off the frustrations of daily life. Love being able to say I play Minnesota's best sport!
- Maria