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Do I need to know how to skate?

Absolutely not!

We will help you with your first step on the ice. Our job is to teach the very basics to skating. We break skating down into easy steps that will get you moving around and stopping on the ice.

Skaters with some experience, or those switching from figure skates to hockey skates, will find the CWS Beginner programs very useful in improving your fundamentals on hockey skates.

Do I need hockey skates and gear?


We require full gear to participate. We find that players, new to the game, will have more confidence on the ice if they know they are properly protected from falls, bumps, sticks and pucks. Please see the Hockey Gear 101 tab for a full list of gear you'll need to get started and where you can get it.

How do I know what hand stick I am?

Right or left-handed curved stick:

General rule of thumb is your dominant hand should be at the top of your stick, near the knob. So, if you are right handed, you will use a left-handed curved blade and stick. Left handed, use a right-handed curved blade and stick. However, if you are more comfortable with the dominant hand on the bottom, go ahead and play that way.

Where are the clinics held?

All over the suburbs:

Presently, they are being offered in the northwest, west and southwest suburban areas of Minneapolis, MN. We have plans in progress to add programs in the north metro (Blaine) and south, south east metro (Eagan, Burnsville). Check the Clinics section of the website for up-to-date news regarding clinic dates and locations.

What time are your clinics?

Daytime Clinics

CWS primarily offers clinics during the weekday mornings. The weekday hours, during the school calendar year (September through May) work well for moms working from home or ladies with flexible schedules. See the Morning Clinics tab for currently offered clinics.

Evening Clinics

CWS does offer some evening clinics, but they tend to be more limited than the weekday options. During the evening hours, especially from September to May, demand for these ice times is very heavy. Youth hockey associations, high schools and various hockey leagues tend to have priority when reserving and renting ice. CWS is always looking to offer evening clinics, but these tend to be more sporadic due to availability. Check the Evening Clinics section for the most up-to-date information on evening clinics.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a clinic:

Send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) requesting the clinic of your choice. Or use the Sign-Up Form in the Clinics section of the website.

You can sign-up as a full time, part-time or a drop-in skater. (Minimum number of skaters required to register as a drop-in.) All players will sign a registration and waiver form at the first practice of the clinic.

How do I pay for a clinic?

To pay for a clinic:

All players will sign a registration and waiver form at the first practice of the clinic. Clinic fees can be paid in check or cash and brought to the clinic's first practice. Make your check out to "CWS Hockey".

Can I make up a missed clinic?


If you miss a scheduled clinic, you can make it up at any other currently running clinic for no additional cost.

Is there checking in your clinics or leagues?


We do not allow any checking, pushing or roughhousing on the ice. The safety of our skaters is very important to us. Our Beginner/Novice clinics & leagues are designed to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for you to try the game of hockey.

Why should I play hockey?

Fun. Friendship. Fitness.

Having run CWS clinics for over 10 years, we can attest to the fun ladies have learning to play this game. At every Beginner clinic, 95% of the ladies step off the ice with big smiles on their faces, a few stating that it's some of the most fun they’ve ever had. We have seen friendships grow on and away from the rinks.

Check our Facebook Page and you will see the large number of ladies that are now “connected” and socialize together frequently at tournaments, leagues and elsewhere. Hockey is a great way to fool yourself into a full body workout, WHILE HAVING FUN!!! Many ladies have quit their health clubs because they have found a much more fun way to get into and stay in shape - HOCKEY!!!

Am I too old to start playing hockey?


You're never too old to learn the game of hockey. Many women start in their 40's and are disappointed they didn't find hockey sooner. A large number of ladies, who started playing in their 40’s, are still playing well into their 50’s. Hockey is a great way to stay in shape and have a blast with a great bunch of ladies!

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