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Use this guide to communicate with your teammates on the ice. Each term below can be used by the following players:

Any Teammate: Means any player on the ice can call out an option.

Defense Partner: Denotes calls most commonly used between "D" partners.

Support Player: Usually the closest player to the puck carrier, but not always.

Goalie: Goalie specific calls. Should be very talkative. Best view of ice.


All Alone

Any Teammate

Lets teammate with the puck, entering the offensive zone, know that they do not have any support and are out-numbered. Player will then need to create time to wait for support or put the puck in deep.


Support Player

Lets puck carrier know that you are behind them and open for a drop pass or trailer play.

Back Door

Any Teammate

Called out in defensive zone alerting teammates that there is or will be an uncovered opposing player at the net's far post.


Support Player

Call to teammate with puck to move the puck by either using the boards as a pass or to clear or enter a zone.


Support Player

Support player trailing puck carrier asking for backwards pass using the boards.


Support Player

Support player wants a short pass past defender for them to chase down (area pass), either through the middle of the ice or using the boards.


Any Teammate

Means defensive zone teammate, nearest the puck, should move puck quickly out of high scoring area (to the boards, behind the net, corner or out of the zone).


Defense Partner / Goalie

Defensive player, skating behind the net with puck, should pass the puck back behind the net to teammate (usually performed by defensive partners or on occasion, the center).

Deep / Dump

Support Player

Lets puck carrier know that best option is to throw the puck into the offensive zone, usually to the corners below the goal line.


Support Player

Usually used during a 2on2 or 2on1 offensive rush and support player is covered.


Support Player

Support player plans to cross or stay behind puck carrier asking for a potential drop pass.

Far Side

Support Player

Lets puck carrier know that support is on the opposite side of the rink, usually called out in neutral and offensive zone, but can be used in defensive zone asking for a rim pass.

Feet / Under

Any Teammate

When teammate has lost sight of the puck and it's below them or in their feet.

Floater / Behind

Any Teammate

Lets defensemen know that an opposing player is behind them in the neutral zone, either coming off the opposing team's bench or penalty box.

Ice It

Any Teammate

Call to nearest player or puck carrier that the puck HAS to be cleared, ideally iced for a face-off.


Support Player

Lets puck carrier know that support is in the middle of the ice open for a pass.

One On / Two On

Any Teammate

Lets a teammate, who is chasing down a puck in their defensive zone, know how many opposing players are moving to forecheck and pressure them.


Any Teammate

Calling for a pass that uses the lower part of the boards around the corners. Can be called in both defensive and offensive zones.



Yelled by goalies if they cannot see the puck. Teammates need to move or move opposing players out of the sightlines of the goalie and puck.

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