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Getting your gear together can be a hassle. Chicks with Sticks Hockey makes it easy!

There are three types of gear you can get: new gear, used gear or borrowed gear. Use our comprehensive guide to learn about each option.

Unsure about what gear you need? Visit the Hockey Gear 101 page for a description and picture of each piece of gear.


New Gear

Hockey Specialty Stores

These stores tend to deal primarily in hockey gear, but may also carry other sports equipment (lacrosse, soccer or baseball/softball). Hockey specialty stores will have a large selection of manufacturers and sizes, offering entry level to high-end gear. Prices for much of the gear may be higher than chain store sports, but the expertise and support of staff members oftentimes makes up for the cost difference.

Recommended stores: Westwood Sports, Dave's Sport Shop

Sports Chain Stores

Sports chain stores will usually have 2 to 4 aisles of hockey gear available, depending on size of store and time of season. Prices may be less expensive than hockey specialty stores, although the selection of manufacturers and sizes are limited. Chain stores oftentimes may offer inexpensive entry-level packages for those new to the game. Service and knowledge of the game may vary from store to store and employee to employee, and may not measure up to what you would get at a hockey specialty store.

Online Hockey Stores

Shopping for hockey gear online has its ups and downs. The ups are that you will find some great deals on discontinued or surplus items. However, the obvious issue is knowing the gear you order will fit properly, then dealing with shipping and returns. Service is limited.

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Used Gear

Sports Equipment Reseller Stores

Many metro areas have stores that buy and sell used sports equipment. These stores are great places to find deals on hockey gear if you’re not looking to outfit yourself with the newest gear. Most of these stores are very good at not accepting or selling equipment that is not safe to use. However, make sure there are no cracks in the plastic protection (helmets, shin pads) and that all the seams and Velcro straps (shoulder pads, elbow pads) are secure. Important note: With helmets, check that the padding is still pliable, not hard. Like sports chain stores, service and expertise will vary from store to store.

Recommended store: Play It Again Sports

Youth Hockey Associations Equipment Swaps

Some youth hockey associations or clubs have equipment swaps prior to the start of a season. Check websites of your local youth associations or clubs for dates for such swaps. Like gear from sports equipment resellers, make sure the equipment you choose is in good condition and safe to use.

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Borrowed Gear

Kids, Friends or Neighbors

If you find that you can borrow gear from a child, friend or neighbor, make sure that all the gear fits properly. Gear that is too loose will not protect you as intended. Gear that is too small also will not protect you properly, plus it will restrict your movement on the ice. We highly suggest that you wash any gear you borrow before use. A frontend load wash machine, at home or at the laundromat, will do nicely. Gear that can be machine washed are: shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, breezers, gloves, hockey jocks, jerseys and socks. Helmets can be hand washed with a gentle soap. Skates should be wiped out prior to use. DO NOT use heat to dry the gear. Air-dry or put a fan on to dry the gear.

Chicks with Sticks

Chicks with Sticks has gear that can be borrowed for a short time. If you’re just thinking about trying hockey out, before you invest in gear, borrowing equipment from us is an option. We would need to know your needs 3 to 4 days prior to the clinic.

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