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Great for moms with kids in school or ladies with flexible work schedules!

Our daytime hockey leagues are offered at two skill levles: Novice (equal to WHAM C3 or players with 1 or 2 years of skating experience) and Intermediate/Advanced (ideal for skaters with 2 plus years of hockey playing experience). Why should you play in the CWS Hockey Leagues (CWSHL)?

  • Same location, same time each week
  • Lots of ice time with 9 to 11 players per team
  • Refs that call and teach the game as well
  • Refs that keep the action going (minimal whistles)
  • Open ice before and after games which players can use to work on various on-ice skills
  • Relaxed yet competitive atmosphere
  • Full time or split season options
  • Balanced teams



Dates: Sep 21 - Dec 14 (Mondays)
Times: 09:45am - 10:45am (9/21 - 10/26)
Times: 10:00am - 11:00am (11/2 - 12/14)
Location: St. Louis Park Rec Center

Duration: 13 Games
Costs: $234.00 (Full Timer)

These are fun, yet competitive, fast-paced games. Ideal for skaters with 2 plus years of hockey playing experience. This league plays "whistle stop" games. Meaning, besides officiating the game, the referees will occasionally stop the game to explain "team & game play" concepts. They will also give individual tips to players on ways to play the game better. Teams will be evenly balanced to assure more competitive games.