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Dawn Miller, a writer for The Hub: Sports + Music website, has recently conducted an interview with Mike Curti and written a wonderful article about Chicks with Sticks Hockey. The article was published on September 13th, and is titled "Chicks with Sticks Gets Minnesota Moms Out On the Ice".

Excerpt from the article:

"...How does a former hockey player and a father of four boys become the driving force behind Chicks with Sticks? Chicks with Sticks is a Minnesota based organization, which strives to get hockey moms out onto the ice. It is the brainchild of Mike Curti, who is an illustrator and graphic designer for USA Hockey among other things.

Chicks with Sticks has been going strong for over a decade. The seed was planted when Curti had conversations with moms in and around his sons’ teams, who lamented they never really had the opportunity to play hockey growing up like their male siblings. While women’s hockey has exploded in recent years, this was not the case back in the day, where girl’s leagues were few and far between..."

READ THE FULL ARTICLE: "Chicks with Sticks Gets Minnesota Moms Out On the Ice".