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From a local spotlight to national recognition - "Chicks with Sticks Hockey" is getting famous! Shortly after the Pioneer Press article came out, CWS got featured in the LA Times. John M. Glionna of the Los Angeles Times paid a visit to one of CWS Novice/Advanced Hockey Leagues, held at Braemar Ice Arena (Edina) on Monday mornings.

This wonderful article speaks for itself.

Excerpt from the article:

"...From the bench, players stormed the ice in waves, some opening the small wooden door to the rink and others climbing the rail like the men do, blond pigtails poking out from under their helmets. Plays developed almost in slow motion. There were whiffs. A few fell without prompting, but spirits stayed high.

Suddenly, Curti blew his whistle for a tripping penalty as a player sprawled to the ice. Then something happened that makes the women's sport unique..."

READ THE FULL ARTICLE: "Women take the ice in a hockey league of their own".